How To Grow Moss On Pots And Rocks

So, What Can I do With Simple Moss?

Moss has many applications from interior design to landscaping. I’ll try to give you some of the best ideas.

4 great uses for moss around your home

From top to bottom: Moss pots, moss in a small planter, a Marimo moss ball aquarium, and last, wall moss graffiti.

Besides looking great between stepping and patio stones, moss also gives a nice antique look to planter pots and rocks in your garden.

Indoors in high-light situations and outdoors on patio tables you can try growing clumps of moss in small containers. Another small-space idea you could try is Japanese Marimo moss ball aquariums. These tiny so-called aquariums look great on a desktop or windowsill.

One more idea before getting to the moss cultivation part: moss wall graffiti. You cut out a substraight mat to grow the moss on. Some people cut out garden memes in cursive writing so it all connects. A gecko would be an easy shape to mount on a wall or fence.

For rocks, pots and moss wall graffiti, you should mix up a “moss milkshake” to paint on these surfaces.

Sources For Moss

If you have some moss growing on your property you can collect 2 or 3 handfuls of it. Mosses are just about the cheapest live plant you can order on the web. You can also buy spores this way and put them in the blender mix. Pet stores also sell live moss for pet frogs and aquariums.

Making A Paste To Paint On Pots And Rocks

This moss-infused paste or “milkshake” will make it easier to adhere the moss to cement, rocks, and terra cotta surfaces.

In a blender you will need to combine:

  1. A large clump or handful of moss
  2. 2 cups buttermilk
  3. 2 cups water

Mix on lower speed until you get to a milkshake-like consistency.

Remember to put the lid on and don’t drink it!

Clean the surface you plan to grow moss on if it’s dirty, paint on the moss mixture and wait for the moss to grow. Keep it away from too much direct sunlight and gently water or spray your moss if it dries out, daily if necessary.