Water Garden Plants

Welcome to the water garden plant gallery. Click on the images below for plant name and description. Below the gallery you will find more on aquatic plant varieties and habits.


Some aquatic plants are too big for all but the largest containers, but that’s just fine for some because many of the larger plants are nice enough to be a single accent having the entire container all to themselves. Others like water lilies that can be too large for containers also come in dwarf (miniature) size varieties. Some to consider would be ‘Red Flare’, ‘Helvola’, and ‘Tetragona’.

There are water garden plants that just like to get their feet wet but not be submerged while others would like to be at the bottom of a pond or container water garden and others in between. A little bit of aquatic plant terminology might help (also ask your retailer).

  •      Floaters       These plants float in the water without need of any soil, like water lettuce and water hyacinth. These plants are also perfect for indoor container water gardens.
  •      Oxygenating Grasses      They grow typically at the bottom totally submerged like fanwort. Used mostly in aquariums and indoor container water gardens.
  •       Marginals      Also known as “emergent plants”, typically will grow near the edge of ponds 4-12 inches below the surface. In all but the largest containers they will usually be at the bottom.
  •       Bog Plants      Normally grow on the shore of a pond with water just barely covering the soil.
  •       Deep Water Plants      Grow at the bottom of ponds. They normally will need about a foot of water above them except miniature water lilies.