Seal any container to make a water feature

You might find unused containers lying around such as these. If they are not water-tight, you can use a spray-on sealer such as Flexseal. Black or dark brown colors give the best effect. Cover any drainage holes with a piece of cardboard before spraying your sealer.

Did you know that any planter or container can be sealed and turned into a water feature? Materials like terra cotta, plastic/resin, cement containers and half whiskey barrels can all be sealed to hold water by spraying Flex-seal or a similar product on the interior of the container.

First, clean the container you want to seal if necessary. Then tape-off the top edge and some of the top on the outside with painter’s tape. Cover any drainage holes with a piece of cardboard and then spray the interior, covering generously (choosing dark color sealers such as black or brown give the best effect under water). After the product dries remove the tape. Allow a few days to cure if you are adding plants or fish. Fountains and rocks are also easy to install. Makes a great DIY project from your old unused containers.