Easy D.I.Y. Container Fountain Ideas You Can Make At Home5 Best Container Fountain Ideas on YouTube

I found 5 great videos with step-by-step instructions for different types of container fountains you can make in just an hour or two in the backyard. Use these ideas to make one like these or take inspiration from these fountains to make your own unique creation.

Be sure to use a submersible pump rated for outdoor use. I have some economical recommendations listed below the videos.

#1. Create A Homemade Water Trough Fountain

Water troughs can be made from cement, hypertufa, or concrete.

#2. Build A Two-Tiered Pot Fountain

#3. How To Make A Cement Pillar Fountain

(They’re actually much easier than you think, even the catchment basin is deceptively simple!)

#4. Make A Unique Tabletop Water Fountain

#5. The Simple Container Water Fountain

This one is the easiest of all. I would have placed the fountain on a cinder block inside the container and raised the water level, but it’s still a nice water feature.

Making Your Own Container Fountains

Home and garden centers as well as most plant nurseries sell containers that can be used for making container fountains. Crackle-glazed finishes are very popular these days, if you choose an unfinished terra cotta container, I would spray the interior with a clear or black colored sealer like an outdoor rustoleum or flex-seal.

Fountain kits can be found on Amazon and are inexpensive. I recommend the Pond Boss fountain kit, they’re easy to install into a medium to large sized container and even come with L.E.D. lights at the base for a dramatic effect at night.

No Power Outlet Nearby?

Or, maybe it’s too far to run a cord. In this case I recommend you look at the solar pump options like the Pond Boss solar fountain pump kit. This kit includes a backup battery to ensure pump operation during cloudy days.

Good luck and I hope you find enjoyment in your new water features everyone.