7 Ways To Use Old Wine Bottles In Your Landscape

Re-purpose your used wine bottles as garden art with these 7 great ideas…

Wine bottle tiki torchesWine bottle tiki torch with copper stand

1. Patio and landscape lighting.

Wine bottles can easily be converted to Tiki torches without cutting glass! Stakes and holders of all kinds are commercially available or you can make your own (D.I.Y. idea images are included in this article with helpful links at the end). Use the wick and torch fuel you use in normal Tiki torches or buy just a wick kit.

Make wine bottle accent lights by inserting a short strand of Christmas lights (plus tinsel if you like). Clear frosted bottles give a nice diffused light effect if you have or can find them.

Wine bottles also make attractive candle holders or even chandeliers!

Christmas lights in wine bottlesWine bottle candle holdersWine bottle chandelier

2. Hummingbird Feeder.

This one also doesn’t have to require cutting the glass if you use a hanger, turn the bottle upside down and use an adapter. Remember of course to clean the bottles so our little friends won’t become inebriated and fly into things. One important thing to remember whether you buy or make one yourself, hummingbirds are attracted to brightly colored flowers, especially red. Your bottle doesn’t have to be red but a bright color or clear should do the job of attracting them from a distance. The color of the end of the tube adapter where the birds actually feed from is more important, red is best. Some adapters in the shape of a small flower at the end are very nice. If you would like to make one yourself by reading my article on wine bottle hummingbird feeders, click here.

Colored wine bottle hummingbird feeders Hummingbird Feeder tubes and stopper adapters for wine bottles


3. Garden Art.

Transform your vintage bottles into garden art or edging for plant beds.

Peacock wine bottle artWine bottle landscape edgingDragonfly wine bottle garden art


4. Privacy Screens.

Drill a hole with a diamond bit in the bottom of the bottle, insert a metal rod or re-bar and a unique landscape effect is yours to enjoy.

Wine bottle privacy screenWine bottle garden screen


5. Make A Wire Topiary.

Also, for an artisan look, you can scour the bottle with sandpaper or steel wool and then paint a couple coats of chalkboard paint on the outside of the bottle.

Wire topiary in a wine bottleChalkboard painted wine bottle


6. Wind Chimes.

This requires some skill in glass cutting but if that’s not your thing, they sell these online.

Wine bottle wind chimesWine bottle wind chimes


7. Fountains and Water Features.

Wine bottle water fountainWine bottle fountain wall

What kind of container water gardening website would we be if we didn’t mention wine bottle fountains?! Okay, you might be saying “The wine bottle fountain wall is too much!”. We understand, that was just to get your creative juices flowing. The “pouring wine bottle container fountain” might also be too much of a project for most gardeners but anyone can make a D.I.Y. plant watering bottle (below). If you can’t find a bottle with a cap you can drill a small hole in, adapters made just for this purpose are available.

Wine bottle container plant watering systemWine bottle auto-plant watering systemPlant Nanny container watering adapters


Don’t Have Any Wine Bottles?

You can source used or empty wine bottles on the web but shipping may cost you as much as the bottles. Check Craigslist.com or local restaurants that serve wine. Since they cannot return the bottles they are often discarded in the trash. For candles and lighting, do not pick dark brown colored bottles. There are many kinds of bottles besides wine bottles you could also use:

  • Olive oil bottles
  • Beer bottles (your favorite brand)
  • Hot sauce bottles
  • Liquor and liqueur bottles
  • Mason jars, pickle jars, etc.

Removing the labels

For nicer looking bottles you may not want to remove the label, but if you do, a product like Goof-off works great if hot water and dish soap won’t completely remove the label and adhesive.

Helpful Links:

  • Craigslist.com   (local sources for used/empty bottles)
  • Wikihow.com    (easy ways to “cut” glass bottles, some methods do not include cutting!)
  • Wikihow.com    (how to remove label, clean and make a plant watering bottle)
  • Wikihow.com    (how to make a wine bottle wind chime)
  • Etsy.com            (tiki torch kits)
  • Etsy.com            (wine bottle hummingbird feeders, garden art)
  • Amazon.com     (wine bottle wind chimes, tiki torch stakes and adapter kits)

For even more ideas on wine bottles in the landscape please visit our Pinterest board with allot more pictures.